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American abuse issues and efforts by the P. Luna Foundation and its supporters! 
This page is jointly run by Petra Luna and a representative for Petra Luna.

"When I walked into a club in Beverly Hills one night, I really didn't know what to expect.  The name, "Petra Luna Show" doesn't tell you very much.  What I got was a rockin', swinging, soulful, sexy harmony of singing, dancing and  anyone from 6 to 60!  The styles can't be pigeon-holed;  everything from Latin and Hip Hop to Soul and Pop. These girls can all sing and dance 'til the cows come home. I'm going back to see them again.
Jeff Gershoff
Oh it was a phenomenal show. It was really fun. Great song great girls.  I want to see you when your back in town.
T. Sistine

The Petra Luna Show is all that! Lead vocalist Petra Luna can bring tears to your eyes with her sweet melodies one moment and having you yelling and jumping the next. This is a high energy show with a powerful message. Don't miss it!
Lynn R.

Petra Luna put on an electrifying show. Her energy is contagious, and the performance was uplifting. I left with goosebumps.
D. Sutton

Graphic Fan Gifts
Get a FREE copy of the Petra Luna or Empowerment CD by creating a Graphic Fan Gift for Petra! 
Just stop by the photo gallery, pick up a photo and do an original Petra love image of your own. 
Then, email it to her with your address and the Petra camp will send you a free CD if your image is chosen to be published on this page.

The gift above was given to Petra after she created a series of videos Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4 to bring awareness to the protests in the country of Bahrain and the crimes against humanity that were committed against them during the
Arab Spring Movements in 2011.

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